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I'm having quite a bit of trouble compiling my script to my ROM. When I click the compile button, it should be written to the ROM, I'm pretty sure, but the script isn't written at all. But when this occurs, I would assume the game would freeze. The game doesn't freeze, it just plays the button click noise you normally hear when talkign to a person, so I'm inclined to belive the script is being compiled and I am merely typing my script wrong. Some help would be greatly appreciated ^-^!
I've had this problem in the past, and have solved it, but I cannot for the life of me quite remember how.
I'm using a FireRed ROM, and using XSE.

This is my script:

#dynamic 0x3B4D84
#org @start
msgbox @1 0x6
cry 0x6 0x0
#org @1
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