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Near Torturehouse

As Zane fought a few more Ancients, he was interrupted by the screaming coming from Sword and Shield.

"Vigil! Help me!" He yelled. Zane turned to see Sword and Shield being holstered into the air by three Aerodactyl and an Archeops. Zane moved quickly, using a nearby Bastiodon as leverage to knock himself into the air, and jumped right on the back of one of the Aerodactyl. He charged his body and used a Thunder Wave on the Aerodactyl, the Ancient falling out of the air and onto the ground. The others still attempted to take Sword and Shield. Zane jumped from the falling Ancient onto the Archeops, using a Night Slash on its face. The Pokemon yelled, and loosened his grip on the Snorlax. The other two Aerodactyls, unable to keep holding onto the weighty Snorlax, let him go and dropped him back onto the ground with a giant thud. The two remaining Pokemon went now for Zane, who prepared to meet their claws with a Swords Dance. Zane could feel his blades sharpen, and met the two attacks of the Pokemon with a full on Iron Head. Fused with the new attack boost of the Swords Dance, the Pokemon fell out of the sky.

Zane went to check on Sword and Shield briefly, helping him up quickly, before again be surrounded by Ancients.

"Ready for Round 2?" He asked Sword and Shield, and dived forward to fight more Pokemon. He was weary, but for some reason, he wasn't feeling it at much at the heat of the moment. Perhaps it was the Swords Dance he used, or perhaps it was something much deeper. His pride.

A nearby Kabutops managed a Slash on Zane's back, who was busy fighting with a Rampardos. Screaming in pain for a moment, Zane knocked back the Rampardos, and turned to use a Night Slash on the Kabutops. He could still feel the tingle of the Slash on his back, but pressed on, trying his best to ignore the pain.


Near Torturehouse (Silver Tribe)

The three Sentinels were on a hillside close by the torturehouse, indeed to the suspicions of Auron and the Sentinels, the Gold Tribe was there.

"Its been quite a while since I fought anybody decent. Lets go show Gold Tribe that we are in charge here."

Scar nodded, then saw as what he believed another Gold Tribe member entered the torturehouse.

"Heads up. I saw a Pokemon enter the torturehouse. We don't know how many are in there. Beserker, you deal with the ones causing a commotion near the forest. Ignitus and I will head into the torturehouse and see what we can find."

Still with an upset stomach, Beserker nodded, but seemed to get rejuvenated from the thought of fighting Gold Tribe members again.

"It's been a while!" Beserker yelled, heading down the hill to meet them, as Scar and Ignitus headed the other way.

(OOC In terms of strength, A Sentinel is about the same strength as a Gold Tribe member [being previous members of the Gold Tribe], but a Sentinel is probably a bit stronger. Greiger and Nakuzami should try to hurry up to avoid prolonged fights with them as well.)

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