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Since my last post I've finished the main storyline of the game. I'll do a quick recap.

I defeated Iris with just my Lilligant and Carracosta. After I beat her and received my Master Ball from Prof. Juniper, I dodged all the trainers on the way to the Victory Road gates. I really don't like those gates. ;n;

I battled as little trainers as I had to while making my way to the top of Victory Road. Along the way though I caught a Durant and a Rufflet.

Before I entered the Pokemon League I went to the PC to grab my Chandelure.
My team for the Elite Four were:

Elite Four was a breeze. I used the PC in N's Castle to switch out my party with my RNG party so that I could catch Zekrom first. After catching a flawless Jolly Zekrom I went back and kicked N/Ghetsis around a bit.

After saving the game and waiting for the credits to finish rolling, I went on a Pokemon catching spree. Catching anything that I didn't have data for. :P It was a lot of fun.