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Like as previously said by many people, there's already AdvanceMap.
However, this does seem to be a bit simpler to use, which is why I like it.
It's basically a more user-friendly version of A-map. :cer_smile:
Great job!
Originally Posted by Raikoh Nadanshy View Post
i am exited to see this project finish i wanted to work on a game called pokemon world. They will be every game map and pokemon on a single game. I thought it would be interesting to play in orre region to. I was searching for a editor like that. Keep me refresh about your update okay
However much that sounds like a good idea, I regret to inform you that it is very hard to pull off. I had enough mappers want to join my team, so I figured I'd try it out. It's near impossible.

If you're going to do that I suggest saving some money for RMXP or something.
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