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    Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
    Hey Chaos Rush. I see this is very much coming along. I agree that the Servine backsprite is excellent but under Servine in the first post you uploaded Snivy xD Might want to fix that lol
    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    I just wanted to point out a wee mistake in your images above. In the generation 5 links, the link to Servine links to Snivy. Thought I'd point out this little mistake.

    EDIT: Ah shoot! - Speedster beat me to it! Stupid Internet of mine
    Fixed. I "secretly" made alterations to their backsprites so when I re-uploaded them I got them mixed up I guess.

    But oh well, might as well post these too:

    (the reason why I made Roserade slightly smaller than Gen III Roselia is because I think Gen IIII Roselia is actually too big, so when I get to Gen III Pokemon, I'll resize B/W Roselia to something that's bigger than Budew, but smaller than Roserade)

    Another thing I noticed: In the 4th Gen games, all backsprites actually go inside of the textbox about 8 pixels, and if I were to resize it for a GBA screen, it would be 6 pixels. But the reason why I'm not shaving off 6 pixels on each backsprite is because not all front sprites are resized with the same scale factor (for instance, Bulbasaur's front sprite is not resized at all), but all backsprites were resized 80%, so it would be better to leave the backsprites without the bottom 6 pixels cutoff since they already look kinda small anyways.

    (and anyone can just adjust the altitude of the Pokemon with Wichu's sprite editor if it really bothers them)