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    Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
    Now, Xulex, what's the backstory behind your favorite game (so in turn, this is kind of two questions, since I'm kind of asking what your favorite game is as well).
    To be honest I'm not asked this question very often but if I had to choose one it would be the game Grand Theft Auto 4. Why this game of all things even when I've played games like Tales Of Symphonia, Gears Of War, most of the main Pokemon games, Kingdom Hearts and even gems like Prototype, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed and Bioshock to name a very select few? Well to keep it short for the most part GTA 3 was the first ever console game I played back when I was around 10 but I felt like I was sucked in completely due to how large the world of Liberty City was and the feeling of doing whatever I wanted to do in that world. I never had the chance to finish it unfortunately since the PS2 I played it on belonged to an old friend of mine and he was moving away so it was quite a while before I could return to my gaming birthplace of Liberty City again. Luckily for me another one of my friends around 7 years later had a PS3 and a copy of GTA 4 and insisted that I helped him out due to my experience as a gamer back then. (Beating TOS on Mania mode should speak for itself.) I sqeeed in joy of returning to Liberty City again and I loved GTA 4 even more than I did the 3rd game due to how much I loved some of the main characters such as Niko and Roman Bellic not to mention if the story didn't keep my hooked then the gameplay certainly did, especially after I got my hands on a SMG and shotgun hehe. And again I cannot stress out enough how much I love Liberty City to begin with haha.

    Okay so BinaryPeaches, what was the hardest video game boss you ever faced?