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    Gladius Clipeum, Gold Tribe

    Vigil helped him get down from the flying Ancients. "Thanks!" He fell with a loud thud! which comically caused some nearby ancients to stagger. Gladius immediately stood up and used a Wild Charge again on some Ancients. The wave seemed endless, but he could feel that the end is near. Very near. Gladius estimated that it has been almost an hour since Calamity entered the torture house, and Defender followed. They would have located the prisoners by now.

    "Ready for Round two?" Vigil asked. Gladius simply roared in reply.

    Gladius exhausted his Wild Charge, and begun charging up another Surf from the still-erupting geyser. He sent another flood towards the Ancients, did another Earthquake. A good number fell. Vigil had a Swords Dance boost, Gladius saw. If he is not that tired, he could of course have used Belly Drum which would bring him to his maximum power. But, of course, he couldn't. He would become more vulnerable to attacks and easier to fall. If there is no more hope, then I would probably will.

    However, a strong sense of foreboding was felt by him. He Smacked Down a Carracosta, and used its body to swing around to clear the area around him, to give him some time to rest. He relaxed a bit, as the nearest Ancient is still a few yards away from him. That's when he looked up. And what he saw is not the most welcoming sight ever.

    Alex Ares the Aggron was coming their way. He was better known by his title, "Berserker." And he is a Sentinel. Now, things got serious.

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