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47. The first one was my favorite too but the newer ones were good in their own right as well and I think the core gameplay's supposed to stay intact for the most part even though that's certainly not a bad thing by any means otherwise it wouldn't be considered a true successor to the first one. I try my best not to say whether the older ones or newer ones are better than the other when it comes to gaming in general though. You're also forgetting the cities in AC2 and how large and varied they were as well which was quite a fair bit. Brotherhood I consider to be more of an expansion pack but maybe Ubisoft was trying to experiment with online multiplayer for the series more than focus on the single player but it was still solid by far.The AC series in general is very solid to say the very least unless you count the handheld games which I've only heard rumors of.

<Takes his Assassin's Creed seriously yo lol.

Only saw one episode of FMA Brotherhood back on Adult Swim, looked pretty good.