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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
awesome pics

Name: Avishka
Starter Pokémon: charmander and piplup
Why would you like to join the club?: I like all starter pokemon, since they end up being one of the strongest in your team. They are all so adorable as well.
Welcome to the club! I think we all love starters becaues they're so versatile. XD

Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
Name: Halcyon
Starter Pokémon: Benson the Tepig
Why would you like to join the club?: Starters accompany from the very start of the journey, and possibly till the very end. What's not to like about them?
Hi there, and welcome to the club! You know, that statement is so true, when you think about it...

Nominate 5 starters from a spin-off series!

I also rebalanced shop pricing, so that there is no longer a gap between evolving Pokémon and redeeming it straight.
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