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    Replicus "Speculum" Decendas
    Gold Tribe

    Replicus paced about in his small, cramped up cell. His shoulder still hurt after numerous attempts to break the door down, but he hadn't given up hope. He had been pretty discouraged about the fact that he'd nearly given up before. He had to trust his Gold Tribe instincts, get outta here, and win this war.

    Unfortunately for Replicus though, his plans were running out fast. The room was pretty small, it had only one door which Replicus couldn't open no matter what. There were no windows. The Ditto had thought about some kind of ventilator or shaft in the room, but unfortunately that was locked as well. There was no way out, until somebody from the outside managed to break in here, fight through hordes of Ancients, get the key, and then try to free them. This all was, of course, a suicide mission, and either a really brave or really stupid Pokemon would come here with anything less than an army.

    But completing such impossible, suicide missions was the Gold Tribe's specialty. Replicus hoped that the Gold Tribe had actually infiltrated the torturehouse and embarked on the suicide mission. But he couldn't entirely leave his escape to chance, so he started formulating plans again, thinking about every little detail of the room. Maybe he could use something to break out? He closed his eyes, lost in thought...

    He jumped when he heard some Pokemon outside chatter loudly. How did they get out of their cells? Then, almost as if somebody wanted to answer his question, a key clicked inside the lock of his own cell. Replicus pushed the door open, and saw an Absol opening all the doors to the cells, and the prisoners rejoicing, savoring their new found freedom.

    "What are the odds?" Replicus thought, smiling to himself. He was pretty glad he had been rescued and not killed. He was pretty sure the Pokemon who had come to rescue him were actually Pokemon from the Gold Tribe, so when all Pokemon rushed out of the torturehouse, he tried to converse with the Absol. He seemed to have a companion called Defender, which seemed a lot like a title of a Gold Tribe member.

    "Hey, you from the Gold Tribe by any chance? My name's Replicus Decendas, title Speculum." Replicus said, but then he noticed that the Pokemon's attention was directed at something else. Replicus turned around to see the three sentinels racing towards them. One of them, an Aggron, also called Berserker raced towards the group of Pokemon.

    "Crap" The Absol beside him muttered. Replicus chuckled, and said, "Just what I wanted to say..." before he raced towards the Sentinel, bracing himself for combat.