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Originally Posted by PokeGirlJade View Post
Umbreon, Espeon, Skitty, Eevee, and Munchlax.

I enjoyed having Umby and Espy in Colossuem, playing as Skitty and Eevee in PMD, and Munchlax is just cool
Originally Posted by miju-kun View Post
Oh, in that case I will pick Treecko and Mudkip

Nominate 5 starters from a spin-off series!
Well, there's Espeon, Skitty, Minun, Umbreon and I'm sure Teddiursa is a starter in the PMD Blazing Squad for the WiiWare :/
Umbreon - 2
Espeon - 2
Skitty - 2
Eevee - 1
Minun - 1
Munchlax - 1
Teddirusa - 1

Seems like the votes are like this.