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    Ok everyone I'm going on holiday vacation which means visiting family and driving/flying to several locations and plenty of people wanting my full attention at all times... This means I will most likely be unable to post until Jan 2nd.

    Until then I encourage you all to continue posting without me.

    Pokemon: You can go ahead and head out to scout out the humans. The Gardevoir can teleport you outside the city so you can get there quickly... or you can walk.

    Humans: You can start rummaging through the houses. Remember this is the first time seeing anything from the Pokemon so remember proper reactions :p Also humans will not leave the remains of Mirit for now so DO NOT GO WANDERING.

    Both: If you decide to go ahead with their first confrontation REMEMBER they can not speak each other's language and there will be a complete failure to communicate (this will be solved later, but that will happen after I get back). If you do decide to start the confrontation do not finish it before I get back.
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