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Currently Chasing team plasma through some forest, Completed the second gym after 3 attempts.... :L

Heres the Current team:

Level 23 Lonely nature.
Tackle, Arm Thrust, Flame Charge, Rollout.

Level 21 Modest Nature.
Confuse Ray, Cut, Hypnosis, Crunch.

Level 21 Quite Nature.
Tackle, Leer, Take down, Bite

Level 21 Lax Nature.
Fury Swipes, Growl, Pursuit, Sand-Attack.

Level 21 Hardy Nature.
Leech seed, Vine whip, Bite, Fury Swipes.

Level 21 Bashful Nature.
Poison Tail, Screech, Pursuit, protect.

Pretty Basic pokemon, basic moves.
Will be better once i bet deeper into the game!