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    So! I must say that so far this has been one of the greatest fanfics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. From an average Pokemon fan, this is a terrific story with colorful characters. Not allot of Pokemon novels are out there, and of them this is one of the best I have found.

    As I have about... well, zero experience as a reviewer, I will leave that mostly to Cutlerine, and instead stalk in the shadows... waiting to pounce on the next chapters and devour them in bliss. ... ... Well, I will at least eagerly await them *hehe*. Although, I do have one piece of advice. When your' characters are thinking to themselves, it is helpful to put either asterisks (*) or (<>) signs to show mental communication. Just a thought.

    Thank you, it's very good to here you liked it. I don't think I'll be using asterisks or other signs to show thoughts, clear though it may be: thoughts aren't actually supposed to get any special treatment from narration at all, and the cursive lettering I use for them is technically incorrect already.

    Also, it sounds like you've got help of you're own, but I know how hard writers block can be to overcome, and how it can appear out of nowhere to ravage you're mind with blankness. Because of this intangible fiend, (and that I really like you're story and want to see an actual Pokemon novel finished) I extend to you my services from anything from character name ideas, to progression of events, and cause and effect. Granted I am just another Pokemon fan, but I have learned that the random whacky people we meet through unusual circumstances are the ones that are often the greatest aids in our struggles.

    By the way, the online world refer to me as either 'True' or 'Bolt', and I am not usually this literate LOL. I once again beseech you to post chapters of you're incredible story for all to read. Sincerely, from you're supporter: TrueBolt

    Thanks for the offer of help. I don't think I need any, but who knows?

    Chapter Twelve: Repose

    Whew,” Aqua whistled, “that sounds like quite the battle.”
    The fact that Aqua sounded impressed gave Boreas immense satisfaction. “It was.” he said, “I'm lucky to have survived it all, really.”
    You're lucky to be clever enough to think of ways to defeat those pokémon. If you hadn't been there, none of them would've been defeated. Not only that, but there would be three more of them.”
    Boreas gleamed with pride after her praise, but tried to be at least a bit modest. “I'm sure someone would have thought of something to do. Octa can be very smart when he's not too busy wasting his intelligence on showing off how intelligent he is, y'know.”
    Perhaps, and they might've dealt with one or two enemies that way. But all six of them? Not much chance.” She moved a bit closer to Boreas, so that their flanks and thighs were touching. “If you were burned, it must've left some scars you could show me...”
    Nah, the humans are really very good at healing wounds. The fire didn't leave any scars, and if it had they would have disappeared when I evolved.” Then, realising what he'd said, he thought: Why'd I say that?! She was so obviously flirting, and I said no?
    Seeming slightly disappointed, Aqua said: “Okay. I guess it's for the better that you don't have any scars, innit?”
    Yeah, of course.” Damn humans and your medicine, couldn't you have left me one scar?
    Now that you've told me this, I understand your hate for Team Plasma much better.”
    Boreas was glad that she was acknowledging his correctness. “I knew you'd come around after I told you more about them.”
    No, no, you misunderstand me. I meant that I understand why you dislike them so much now: I wouldn't like people who set me on fire and tried to kill me either. That doesn't mean they're wrong, though. I still agree with them. Humans and pokémon don't belong together.”
    Boreas couldn't believe it. “What do you mean you agree with them? They stole pokémon from the Daycare, they set me on fire and nearly killed me, they tried to manipulate people's dreams to make them release their pokémon, and they really hurt that Munna when forcing it to make Dream Mist!”
    Okay, first of all, even if they were horrible people, that doesn't mean they're wrong. As for the things you named, I don't see why the stealing of pokémon from the Daycare was such a bad thing, as they were liberating those pokémon. While trying to kill you and the others was rather cruel, you have to remember that you were attacking their local headquarters and they were defending. And you angered him. While I certainly don't think lethal violence was an appropriate response, he is of course only a human. I don't see what's so bad about influencing people's dreams either: if that makes them see why they have to liberate their pokémon, what's so bad about it? I agree that hurting that Munna in the process was bad, but that was just the action of individuals inside Team Plasma, not the organisation.”
    I'll tell you why it was wrong to...” he suddenly felt the soft touch of Aqua's tail wrapping around his. He blushed and his tail felt as if it was on fire again, except without the pain this time. “...To kidnap... um... To steal pokémon's people from the... uh... Sorry, I've completely forgotten where I was, let me start again: it was wrong to- Okay, that is very pleasant, but also extremely distracting.”
    What is?” Aqua said with a look of purest innocence.
    Nothing.” Boreas decided to play along and tried to free his tail from her hold, which wasn't easy as her tail was both longer and stronger than his. “To steal those pokémon was bad because those pokémon were friends with their trainers, and now they'll likely never see their trainers again.” With great effort, Boreas managed to produce a coherent sentence while at the same time managing to stifle his laughter and trying to release his tail from Aqua's grasp.
    If those pokémon really wanted to stay with their” she giggled softly as Boreas managed wriggle his tail out of her hold and started hunting for her tail now, “with their trainers, they can just go back to them once they're free in the wild.”
    Not if they couldn't find them.” Boreas managed to graze her tail, but she pulled it away too rapidly to catch it, “Unova is a big place, who knows were their trainers are. Or they could be too young to find their trainers again. Or maybe they'll die in the wild before reaching their trainer.”
    Maybe, but think of those who find they don't want to go back. They can finally enjoy freedom.”
    But if they wanted freedom,” he felt her fur brush against his tail for one tantalising moment as he almost managed to catch her tail, “they could just leave their trainers. It's not as if any trainer takes special measures to ensure their pokémon don't run away. They don't need to, because pokémon don't want to leave their trainers.”
    I think that's just because most pokémon just don't know any better.”
    But what-” Boreas let out a frustrated sigh as Aqua's tail evaded his once again. “You're too fast, I can't do this.”
    Aqua stopped evading him. She was about to say something, but Boreas immediately grasped her tail the moment she wasn't expecting it. Aqua laughed, “Not bad. I see you weren't boasting when you told about tricking your opponents.”
    Boreas caressed her tail softly. “No. There's no need to boast when the truth speaks for itself.”
    Aqua returned his grin and caressed his tail back, almost massaging it. A warm, happy feeling spread through Boreas' entire body. He really became aware how much he liked Aqua, and had a sudden urge to embrace her and to stroke her pointy, finned ears, but figured that might be moving a bit too fast. “Well played.” Aqua said smilingly.
    Boreas had half a mind of just enjoying her company and chatting about anything, but the fact that she still agreed with Team Plasma bothered him. “Hey, about Team Plasma messing with people's dreams: don't you think that's a rather underhanded, manipulative thing to do? I mean, if they want to convince those people they can just present their arguments and convince them instead of manipulating their dreams.”
    Some people just close their minds” Aqua responded, “to other opinions, convinced that they are right. With those people, manipulating their dreams might be the only way to convince them to release their pokémon.”
    No.” Boreas said, “I don't agree. It still a dirty, underhanded tactic.”
    Don't you think it's a tiny bit hypocritical for you to be complaining about people using underhanded tactics?”
    What do you mean?”
    I mean that using tamato soup and stalactites as weapons and breaking pokéballs are underhanded tactics too. And I haven't even mentioned the worst part yet: pretending to surrender only to grab my tail the moment I least expected it.”
    Boreas laughed. “Okay, so maybe I'm not the best person to be berating them for that, but I've never used trickery to manipulate someone into doing things against their will. And besides, they've done so much worse than manipulating dreams.”
    They have?” Aqua asked, “why don't you tell me more then? I'm still willing to be convinced, and you're a good narrator.”
    Okay. The next time I met Plasma was in Nacrene City on an awfully hot day in June. W I was heavily shedding fur in the heat, and thus very itchy, warm, and irritable, while Octa, Lucius, and Toxica really enjoyed the Sun and-”
    Hang on.” Aqua interrupted, “Who's Toxica?”
    Oh, I forgot to tell you about Toxica.” Boreas still found it hard to concentrate with Aqua's tail and his intertwined closely, “Toxica is an Oddish we met while we were at the Daycare. We stayed there for more than a month, you see. First it was to heal our many injuries and rest, but a very good nurse named Entropy worked at the Daycare, so we were pretty much completely healed in just a few days. She even managed to make my fur look somewhat decent again. After that, we stayed for a long time to train, help around at the Daycare, and just to have fun. There was a lot of fun to be had there, I even made friends with some other Eevees.
    But at some point, I became very restless. Even though I was having fun at the Daycare, I wanted to move on. It almost felt as if the hills were calling to me to come see what was on the other side of them. So at one point I gave in. I left the Daycare and climbed one of the hills, to see what was on the other side. It turned out there were more hills, so I climbed one of them too before returning to the Daycare two days later.”
    Your friends must've been worried about you if you were gone for so long.”
    They were. Black was furious and very happy to see me again by the time I came back. But the next day I left again to climb another hill. And I basically kept doing that until we left, always on my own except for this one time I convinced Octa to join me...”

    ...But when the actors got to the part where they re-enacted the murder, the king got up and left the room, clearly indicating his father's ghost had been speaking the truth and had indeed been murdered by his own brother, the new king!” Octa narrated.
    I see.” Boreas said, “So what happened next?”
    Well, this is where it gets quite fascinating: his mother summons him, requesting an explanation for the odd behaviour he exhibited earlier, and on his way there he passes the king, who has his back turned and isn't expecting a thing.”
    Boreas was somewhat disappointed by this rather anticlimactic conclusion. “Oh. So I take it he kills him?”
    No, my dear fellow, that's the really quite fascinating part, he doesn't. You see, as much as he hates his uncle now that he knows the truth, he can't bring himself to commit cold-blooded murder.”
    But why?” Boreas asked, “The man was an evil monster, he murdered his own brother!”
    Oh yes, he most certainly was. But taking a life in cold blood is not an easy thing to do, you see. And it's a good thing that it is, for it helps us differentiate the heroes from the villains. And- Oh, lisping Lugia, it's starting to rain.”
    Boreas noted that big raindrops were starting to pour down from the sky. “So it is. It'll probably just be a quick shower. What happened next?”
    What happened next is us finding shelter. Come on.” Octa hurried for the nearest copse of trees and sheltered under their leaves.
    I would think a grass-type like you would enjoy the rain more.” Boreas said as he joined Octa..
    There is a distinctive difference between a grass-type and a plant, I do hope you know that.”
    But what- Ack!” Boreas's feet suddenly hit something as he walked through the grass, he heard a feminine voice yelp, and he tripped and fell into a puddle. An Oddish popped up out of the ground.
    Hey! What'd you do that for?!” She yelled.
    What'd I do that for?” Boreas shouted back after shaking the water out of his fur, “How was I supposed to-”
    Octa interrupted him. “I apologise for my companion's behaviour, madam. 'Twas rude of him to awaken you from your sleep like that, but I assure you he did not do it on purpose.”
    What are-” Boreas started, but was interrupted.
    The Oddish's anger seemed to disappear quickly. “Oh, it's fine then, I guess. My name's Toxica.”
    Octa bowed. “'Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Toxica. My name is Octavianus.”
    Yeah, but he likes just 'Octa' better, 'cause Octavianus is too sesquicentennial.” Boreas intermitted.
    Be quiet.” Octa said patronisingly, “I do actually prefer Octavianus, but 'tis just a too sesquipedalian name to use in everyday conversation.”
    It sounds pretty cool, though.” Toxica smiled.
    Why, thank you.” Octa said with a little bow, “The name has been in my family for twenty-seven generations. I do rather like Toxica too.”
    Thanks. I picked it myself.”
    Yeah, we Oddishes aren't much for family life. We just sow our eggs in the ground like seeds and are done with it. I wouldn't know whom my parents are, and presumably they wouldn't know they have a daughter either. But you mentioned twenty-seven generations? That's quite a long time.”
    As a matter of fact, I know my entire glorious family tree for the past thirty-five generations. The name Octavianus entered my family twenty-seven generations ago, when my ancestor Octavianus the First, together with his trainer, Do-”
    Boreas interrupted him, recognising what was going to happen and wanting to prevent it. “It was nice meeting you, Toxica, but we've got to go now that it's stopped raining. These hills won't explore themselves, you see.”
    Now hold on, my dear fellow,” Octa halted him, “I am telling a story to the lady.”
    Boreas was starting to be very annoyed by both Octa and Toxica. “You were telling me a story, why don't you continue it while we walk on? And then you can also tell me about your namesake ancestor.”
    I would prefer to tell it to the lady. Besides, we awoke her, and I doubt she shall still be able to catch sleep today. It would seem to be our duty to entertain her until the evening.”
    Yeah,” Toxica said gladly, “That sounds good. Tell me about your ancestor.”
    Until the evening?” Boreas said, “But that's way too long! I want to go on now!”
    Why don't I walk with you for a while, then?” Toxica suggested.
    An excellent idea!” Octa said.
    Boreas sighed. He didn't like the fact that Toxica would be joining them, and hoped that she would leave soon so that Octa would continue his story.
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