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    Hey everyone. I downloaded this today and I've been enjoying it so far, but things have been going downhill since then and I was wondering if anyone could give me any help.

    Firstly, is there a way to get it working with No$Zoomer? I know there's the AR code in the documentation, but that only gets me as far as the title screen and then I just get a black screen.

    Secondly, is it normal for the game to lock up at certain points? When I go on my bike, pick up an item or drop off/pick up my pokemon at the pokemon centre (it happens at both points) the game seems to just lock up everything except for the music for about 30 seconds. I timed the drop off and pick up at the pokemon centre at one point and it took about 1 minute 20 just for that section.

    Third and finally, I've saved my game at the pokemon centre (after healing so I didn't have to deal with the previous problem I'm having when I start up again) only when I try to load it now, pressing continue just gives me a black screen as No$Zoomer and No$GBA do. But if I load my last save state it seems to be working fine? Would this be a problem with the settings (which shouldn't have changed) or something else?

    Any help would be appreciated because I don't plan on giving up just yet (despite the fact that this is adding to a really bad day).

    Actually, scratch that third one. I got it to load up after leaving it for a couple of minutes. I think I'll use Save States for saving with DeSmuMe though.
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