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Pokemon Diamond

After getting Turtwig and setting off on my journey I took some time to train Turtwig a bit and caught a Starly.

In Jubilife City I tried to go to the Global Terminal, but I forgot that I need a gym badge first. [Is playing too much Black and White] After dropping of the town map with my rival, who I named ナーク, I ran around to get the coupons for my Poketch. I then decimated ナーク's Pokemon and made my way to Oreburgh. I skipped all the trainers. (Pro trainer dodger) After finding out that the Gym leader wasn't there I went to the mines to find him. I caught a Geodude along the way so that I could teach it Rock Smash.

I beat Roark on my second try. He beat me pretty badly the first time, but I went back and got my revenge. I made my way back to Jubilife where I had to fight my first two Galactic Grunts. Their hair makes me lol in real life every time I see them. I beat them and moved on to Floaroma town. I had to battle a few trainers because they were unavoidable. First thing I did in Floaroma was get the Sprayduck can. Then, I got rid of Galactic inside Valley Windworks.
My team at this point:

I caught a Shellos and I dodged more trainers on the way to Eterna Forest.

This is where I met モミ. She didn't even let me say yes before she decides to join me on the way through Eterna Forest. Her Chansey is also extra baggage in my battles. The only thing helpful she did was helping me catch a cute little Buneary. ~o~ After a bunch of double battles we reach the other side of Eterna Forest and モミ leaves. Yay! I'm heading straight to Eterna Gym for my gym battle.
Team so far:

Platinum Playthrough
Day 1 - Getting Started

Starting on my play through of Platinum that I found. :D

My name is Hayden and my best friend/rival is Muse. Muse is pretty hyper/caffeinated to be running around like that. After crashing into me, dragging me to Route 201, and getting lectured by Prof. Rowan, Muse let's me choose my Pokemon first. For this play through I chose Piplup.
My game-mom says I have to say thank you properly so I went to the professor's lab. Battled some Starly on the way. I got my Pokedex and nicknamed my Piplup, KirOzMia. After a quick tour from Lucas of Sandgem town, I took the fast route back to Twinleaf town to talk to my game-mom. On my way to Route 202, I stop to buy some pokeballs and potions. I get 5 more pokeballs after Lucas shows me how to capture a Pokemon.

The first thing I like to do is get a Pokemon with wings, in this case it would be Starly. I also caught a Shinx while I was at it.


I stayed on Route 202 for a while to train my 3 Pokemon to level 8. The trainers on the route weren't challenging at all. I head to Jubilife to meet Lucas and we encounter that weird "Looker" person. Creepy...hiding behind things and jumping out randomly. After I drop off the parcel that Muse's mom asked me to deliver. He gives me his extra town map that was inside it and I go battle the two little kids on the other side of the wall. What's more fun than beating up some random kid's Pokemon?

Next I have to run around and collect coupons for my Poketch. After I finally get that, I head to Route 203 where I run into Muse and he wants to battle. I take him out and make my way to Oreburgh city.