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As General Hazone and Kirvir spoke, noise was suddenly being heard outside. Hazone leaned over closer to the door as he spoke.

"Did you hear that? Something is happening outside." Hazone's voice was questioning, yet also hopeful. Something, hopefully something good, was attracting the attention of the Ancients.

The noise grew closer and closer, until he heard the unlocking of the metal of the torturehouses. People were being freed! Another second later, their cell door swung open. Hazone was amazed. He looked upon their rescuers. One was an Absol with blue eye. He was a bit taller than most other Absols. The other, a Golduck with a bracelet on his left wrist, made with various colored rocks. But it wasn't those appearances that mystified Hazone the most. It is the other ornament that they wore. Even in the darkness of the torturehouse, the ornaments shone brightly. The Absol carried it around his neck, the Golduck on his bicep. There was no mistaking it.

These were members of the Gold Tribe.

Hazone eagerly left his cell followed by Kirvir as the two freed other cells, and led the prisoners out. Among the other prisoners was a Ditto and a Gallade. Those were two he did not know. The other dozen or so were soldiers of the Alpha Alliance that fought under him in Gold City.

He heard the Ditto speak to the Absol, acknowledging that he too was in the Gold Tribe. Hazone could not believe at that point that there were so many still around. It was quite a welcoming sight.

As they made their way out of the torturehouse, the group stopped. Hazone placed a hand in his face because of the bright light, something he had not seen in a very long time now. As his eyes adjusted, though, he saw around the large number of Ancients present. But there were three figures around that made things worse. Three Pokemon all Alpha Alliance soldiers were familiar with. One of them headed down the opposite side of the hill, where two other Pokemon were fighting off hoardes of Ancients. He couldn't tell who they were, but Hazone guessed they were also Gold Tribe members. There were two now, however, that headed towards them. One was a Mienshao named Scar. Another was a Flareon named Ignitus. Both were Sentinels.

The Ancients were slowly gathering around the opening of the torturehouse as well. Hazone spoke to the Absol and the Golduck.

"I suggest we find a way around them. The escapees of the torturehouse are in no condition to fight an army of Ancients, much less two Sentinels! We have to get out of here, noble Gold Tribe members."


Near Torturehouse

As Zane took a short rest from fighting the Ancients, the nearest one a few yards away, he noticed Gladius looking towards a hill. Zane looked as well to see what caught his attention.

"Damn." Zane said under his breathe. He knew the Pokemon. Long ago, before the war between the Gold and Silver Tribe, he was once known as "Armoid" and was one of the veteran Gold Tribe members. He was also once Zane's friend. Now, he is known as Beserker, and is a Sentinel.

"What luck! Two Gold Tribe members in one day!" Beserker yelled as he made his way down the hill. He motioned for the Ancients to stand back. The Ancients complied and moved to form a circle encircling Zane, Gladius, and Beserker.

"Give me a challenge!" He yelled. From the corner of his eye, Zane saw the escapees of the torturehouse. He whispered to Gladius.

"Sword and Shield, we have to find a way out of here. We're in no condition to fight him right now. Besides, it looks like Calamity and Defender pulled through. We have to get out of here and get everyone back to Liberty Town."

As Zane said this, Beserker was seen preparing an attack. Zane looked to the left and right. Ancients were all across. Zane assumed a stance.

"We have to think of something." Zane said to Gladius. A second later, Beserker fire a Flash Cannon right at the two Gold Tribe members.

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