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    Gladius Clipeum

    Berserker, once known as Armoid, finally reached the area where Gladius and Vigil stood ground. Gladius remembered a few battles where he worked with Armoid and, from experience, he knew that Berserker is a formidable foe. As the Aggron approached them, Gladius saw him snicker. He was confident of battling the two of them and has complete reason to do so. He is, from Gladius' estimate, three times stronger than Gladius and Vigil combined.

    "What luck! Two Gold Tribe members in one day!" Berserker shouted. The remaining Ancients formed an unbreakable circle around the combatants. "Give me a challenge!" Berserker circled, waiting for the Gold Tribe members to make the first move.

    "Sword and Shield, we have to find a way out of here. We're in no condition to fight him right now. Besides, it looks like Calamity and Defender pulled through. We have to get out of here and get everyone back to Liberty Town," Vigil whispered. Gladius looked to where Vigil pointed. Gladius saw Calamity and Defender, along with General Hazone, a Breloom, Replicus, and other members. He also saw that, despite Replicus' look, all were too fatigued to battle any more, let alone a Silver Tribe member. Gladius knew that Vigil is right. They need to end it quickly, or escape. However...


    Gladius was hit by a Flash Cannon by the Berserker. He fell down. "Aargh!" He tried standing up, but he was too much tired to do it. He let himself lie down, feeling the soft mud, resting. If he was not that tired, he could mount a challenge, but the skirmish with the Ancients took the toll out of him. In an instant, he had a flashback of his mother, his father, the dead Gold Tribe members, and Vigil still fighting alongside him. Gladius tried to stand up once again and, though still shaky on the knees, managed to stand up.

    "There is no way we can escape unscathed Vigil. We still need to mount a fight. Freedom is just beyond Berserker and these Ancients. We need to continue fighting," Gladius determinedly said. "I will still fight." Gladius is ready to give his all. He used Belly Drum, draining most of his remaining energy. "It is time to get serious," Gladius roared, and charged at Berserker. That seemed reckless, but that is all Gladius can do. Attack, and think later.

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