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    Originally Posted by Mr.Pkmn View Post
    I would point out there's already a similar project completed.

    Just pick the good ones and fix the bad ones.
    Um no. No offense to Wesley, but those sprites are pretty ugly, and I refuse to use B/W backsprites.

    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Hey, just being a general dumb-hole, but can the virtual boundaries (of the actual Poké)
    vary depending on the "posture"? I have a 64x43 Grovyle from Emerald and a 60x57 (I believe) Grovyle from Black and White, so just making sure here...
    When did I say you could do Grovyle O_o. I have an 80x80 sprite that is to be resized for all 649 Pokemon, so please ask me first, because, for instance, let's say you resized D/P Parasect, then your efforts would be completely useless because I wanted HG/SS Parasect with a special palette. So please, ask me first, and I will provide you with both front and back to be resized.