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I just noticed... Pyro Strike sometimes causes paralysis, not burn. Also, I believe there is a Gastrodon that knows Dark Beam (or whatever Dark Lugia's move is...) when you fight the Dark Organization grunts in Boulder City (right before they throw you into the hole). Not a big deal though, it didn't cause me any trouble.

If I patch a clean Ruby ROM with the version 8 patch and use my save from the recent version 7 patch, will everything work properly or would I have to start a new game?

Oh, and who/what is Sprizzle? How do you get it? I saw someone mention it (on one of these 74 pages, I don't remember which) but I don't know what it is... xD

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And a question:
Who are the voices (Blue and Red) that speak to you in the "End of Time" arc? Are they the Shadow Destiny and the Ruby Destiny (Respectively)?
I was a bit confused too. xD

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Yeah, you can catch anything with a Master Ball, of course.
Anything except for Whiscash (if you've seen that particular anime episode).