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    Hanso had already discarded a few plans. Teleporting straight out of here wasn't the best idea, and fighting his way out of the building would depend on whether he ever got the chance to use his armblades. Also not the best idea, partly because of his current condition and partly because there would most likely be more than a few Ancients. Hanso glanced down at the armband, worn on his right upper-arm, that bore his Gold Tribe emblem. How had he let himself get caught, anyways?

    Hanso's train of thought was interrupted when his ears caught a dim sound. Screeching?... He hadn't heard any of that before. Had someone been able to break in? Why hadn't I done that? Hanso thought. His hopes were realized when he began to hear talking outside his cell and, in time, a key rattling in the door's lock. Within minutes, Hanso was out of his cell and among the other prisoners that had been freed. He identified the other Gold Tribe members by the insignia that their ornaments bore. Of course, who else would free prisoners from a torturehouse?

    "Everyone, we have to get going, immediately. It shouldn't be long before the rest of the Silver Tribe hears about our little jailbreak."

    It was the Absol that had unlocked Hanso's cell. As the others began leaving the room, the Gallade let them pass before taking up the rear, watching his sides and back as they moved through the corridors. One reason why he did so was because, during his interrogation, one of his legs had been a victim of torture. It still hurt, and Hanso was left limping. Why weren't there more Ancients? A jailbreak like this should have roused all of the guards, unless this place was only scarcely guarded.

    In time, they had left the confines of the torturehouse. After his eyes had adjusted to the sunlight, Hanso pushed his way forward to stand near the other Gold Tribe members...and wished he hadn't been able to see yet.

    "Crap," he heard the Absol mutter. A Grovyle, from the looks of it, then said, "Just what I wanted to say..." before rushing at least one of the Sentinels.

    Hanso was in full agreement. There were huge numbers of Ancients and three Sentinels, one of which was about to square off with two more Gold Tribe members, with many Ancients forming a circle around them. And the prisoners and rescuers were now being surrounded by more of the Ancients.
    At least now Hanso knew where all the guards were.

    "I suggest we find a way around them. The escapees of the torturehouse are in no condition to fight an army of Ancients, much less two Sentinels! We have to get out of here, noble Gold Tribe members."

    That was a Dragonite speaking. Personally, Hanso felt like rushing in and fighting his way out, like the Grovyle. His leg wasn't in a condition to do so. The Gallade edged closer to the Dragonite and the two Gold Tribe members, wincing as his leg complained. Watching as the Golduck let loose a Screech, Hanso quietly said, "I could probably teleport a few of us out at a time." It wasn't much of an idea, but hey, the Dragonite had asked for a way out. In his own condition, teleporting was the most Hanso could do at the moment.