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    The crisp grass crunched underfoot as Ignitus and Scar charged towards the prison. Beserker had gone off to fight the other two Gold Tribe members by the forrest, while they ran towards the prison to stop the prison break from occuring. Ignitus quickly ran through what she remembered about the prison here. She knew that one of the generals of the Alpha Alliance had been imprissoned here, as well as a large number of rebels who had opposed them. Most notably a ditto who had caused quite a bit of trouble. If they had to engage all of the prisoners in a fight, there could be trouble. Then again, if there was one thing the torture houses where good for, it was breaking a prisoner down both mentally and physically. The prisoners would be weak and scared, and might not stand up to much of a fight. The Gold Tribe members on the other hand, they would be tricky. Ignitus was confident they the two of them could overwhelm the Gold Tribe members, but with all of the prisoners on their side? Difficult. If only there was a way to sepparate the Gold Tribe members from the other prisoners, or at least cause mass panic among them. Then the fight would become much easier and they might be able to end this quickly. Ignitus quickly scanned the area, looking for any advantages in the quick few seconds before they the battle began. The prisoners would be looking for escape, and the forrest a few hundred meters away from the prison would be a prime option. As the two Sentinels ran, Krystal quickly explained to Scar, "They will want to go to the forrest. I'll cut them off, you attack from the front." Scar nodded and they split up. Ignitus quickly used a flame charge, and as she did so, an ear piercing sound eminated from one of the prisoners. Pain erupted in Ignitus' head, her head felt as if it would split apart. She faltered, but continued running. Although the noise was painful, it would not stop her. She looked back and saw that Scar too was grimacing at the pain, but continued nevertheless. Focusing back on her task, Ignitus poured more energy into the flame charge, igniting the dry long grass between the prison and the forrest. The grass really was perfect for burning. The autumn had left them dry with very little water, and the cool air was perfect to fuel the flames. She continued parallel to the group of prisoners and the forrest, then started to loop back to attack the main group. It seemed as if not all of the prioners had been prepared for the earsplitting sound either, which was now slowly fading, and many prioners that were already weak had their heads in their hands. It really was perfect for her. The noise had caused confusion among the group, which would make any fighting easier for her. As she sprinted over to the group of prisoners, her flame charge now starting to end, she noticed a dragonite, weary, but still noble looking. It must be the General, she thought. She immediately targetted him first, and any Gold Tribe members would probably be around him to protect him. She quickly used superpower, and charged into the group throwing the confused prisoners left and right, like scattered bowling pins. Scar, too, had gone for the General and leapt from pokemon to pokemon taking them out. She reached the group first, seeing a group of Gold Tribe members surrounding the General. "Ah, good. I needed some good practice." She eyed them down, looking for any with weaknesses. She eyed a particularly aggresive Grovyle. "Ah yes, some of you will burn quite nicely." Then she unsleashed a flame thrower at the group, then used shadow ball a few times while the enemy was blinded by the wall of fire. She couldn't see either, but she hoped that at least a couple of her shadow balls would find targets.
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