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Near Torturehouse

The Flash Cannon took a direct hit to Shield and Sword, and he fell. Zane was also partially hit, but Gladius took most of the attack. Zane got up quickly, Gladius was on it for a while. Zane feared the attack may have been too much, but suddenly, he stood up again. He spoke.

"There is no way we can escape unscathed Vigil. We still need to mount a fight. Freedom is just beyond Berserker and these Ancients. We need to continue fighting. I will still fight." As he said this, he used a belly Drum. Zane admired the Snorlax at this moment. It is said in the face of doom, our true colors are shown. It was evident that his were proud and true to his Gold Tribe nature, and Zane knew he would be the same. That was the life of a Gold Tribe member. Never quite looking for trouble, but always managing to find it. It comes with the title. And you know what, Zane doubted a single Gold Tribe member would have it any other way.

"It is time to get serious," He said, and charged forward at Beserker. Immediately, Zane charged in right behind him. Beserker prepared, and unleashed an Earthquake upon them. The ground began to collapse across the terrain, and the fissures made their way towards the Gold Tribe members. Zane did his best to avoid the bulk of the attack, only to falter and get hit towards the climax, the most powerful part. Without a moments hesitation, he stood once more, and charged in, preparing with a Swords Dance. Beserker went right for the two of them now with a Take Down attack. Zane met his blows with a powerful Night Slash. In unison, the three Pokemon clashed together.


Torturehouse Entrance

As the Golduck released a screech, Hazone covered his ears, while the Sentinel scar faltered for a moment upon approach. Hazone noticed a Gallade speak now.

"I could probably teleport a few of us out at a time." Hazone didn't know the capabilities of the Gallade in his condition, but he probably would be able to teleport a few of them at least to the edge of the forest.

"You should teleport the Alpha Alliance soldiers at least to the forest edge, that way they can try to escape. I doubt they are in any condition to battle. I will remain with you Gold Tribe members, and hold them off, until we see an opening we can escape from."

Before anything else could happen, though, the two Sentinels separated. Scar continued to head straight for them, as Ignitus apparently was set on cutting them off. As one of the Gold Tribe members charged forward, Ignitus unleashed a barrage of attacks at them, beginning with flamethrower and ending with a few shadow balls. Hazone was hit by one or two attacks, and was knocked backwards. He wasn't in his prime condition, so his speed has been greatly reduced, as was his attack capabilities. He was slow to get up as he observed the other's damage.

Scar, meanwhile, charged in to the Gold Tribe group, and went to work. He used a Jump Kick, followed quickly by a Force Palm on a few of the others. Hazone couldn't believe the quickness of the attacks, and hoped the others were alright.

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