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    Originally Posted by DavidJCobb View Post
    Basically, there are two major kinds of voices: DirectSound and GBSynth voices. You can't have more than five of either kind, and you can't have more than six voices playing at one time if DirectSound is involved.

    A GBSynth is any voice that uses a waveform -- that is, Square1, Square2, Wave, and Noise voices. All other voices (DirectSound and Multi Sample) are DirectSound.

    So when copying voices from the game's normal voicegroups to your new voicegroup, you have to choose them very carefully. You have to choose a set of voices based on which tracks use them, and when, so that you adhere to the above limits.

    Oh, and chords? When multiple notes play at the same time? Each note counts individually toward the DirectSound limit. A six-note chord counts as six DirectSound instruments playing at once.

    I think I need this bit clarified:
    No more than 10 channels. Got it.
    No more than 5 GBSynth, no more than 5 DirectSound (so, 5 of each for max channels). Got it.
    No more than six simultaneous voices/notes...? Clarify:

    Example time:
    1) Say I have DirectSound instruments in my piece. However, they are not playing at the moment. Can more than 6 NOTES of GBSynth be played?

    2) Piece has DirectSound instruments. Two are playing, with only one note. All 5 GBSynth tracks are playing simultaneously. Problem?

    3) Suspended notes: Do these count as "being played" for the duration of their hold? So, for example, a whole note is played at the beginning of measure X, where it is within limitations. However, at the end of measure X, while it is still being held (but not initiated), 6 more notes are being played. Does this override the limit on DirectSound notes?

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