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Originally Posted by Powerflare View Post
First, make sure you get the Hevah Symbol. Go back to the Hevah League and talk to the man who guards the entrance to the training area before the Master 17 (the man who checks if you have eight symbols). Then you should probably head over to the Tower of Fate and see Chaomega. Surf around the Oceania Sea between Silkwind Town and the Hevah League and you'll find it.

Does anyone know if that Pokemon in the White Pass cave that gives you a Ruby Destiny fragment can be caught? Or does it have to be defeated?
Catch it, I caught it with a normal pokeball, also you should go after Devihell before going to Chaomega. Devihell is found in a cave at Twilight Path, next to High Point Town, then go to Krystal Mountain to find Angeallen, then Breeze Island to find Breatherna, and finally Mt. Leon for Rayquaza (Must be done last). Then head for the tower of fate.