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Gladius Clipeum

Berserker unleashed a powerful earthquake, far different and far stronger than Gladius'. Gladius rolled to the side to avoid a huge fissure, but his left foot stumbled inside the fissure. Gladius scrambled to get up. He saw Vigil fall, but stood up without a moment's lag. Bless his Gold Tribe heart. Vigil used another Swords Dance. Gladius could not boost himself anymore, because of the energy drain, but he still feels powerful. Berserker was preparing a Take down Attack. Vigil struck with a Night Slash, and Gladius struck with a Return. The three Pokemon met. Berserker grinned at them, and sent the two Gold Tribe members flying. That was a show of his strength. And it showed Vigil and Gladius how overpowered there were. The duo landed a few feet away from the Aggron. Gladius felt the pain. Even with a Belly Drum, Gladius was no match with the Aggron with no boost. Gladius stood up.

"This is not happening!" Gladius prepared a Wild Charge. He rushed towards the Berserker. Steel and electricity met. "Down you go, Berserker, you traitor!"

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