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    I think you seem to be wrong:
    -You can play one note for each GB compatible channel => 2x square wave, 1x programmable waveform, 1x noise; to use more is technically not possible, because each hardware channel can only play at one frequency
    -With default sound driver settings of Pokemon games you can use up to 5 digital sound (i.e. DirectSound) notes simultanously. You can spread these on more tracks or only one; You can't use more without changing the sound driver mode; if you're playing 5 notes, notes wth the lowest priority will drop and won't play (notes with a higher track nr. have a lower priority; notes that are in release state have a lower priority than notes that are hold; lower MIDI keys have a lower priority (for example if you are playing 5 notes on one track and start playing another one after a moment the lowest note will stop playing))

    Hope I could help ;-)
    -You can have up to 10 tracks, more tracks are ignored
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