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    I've been trying to patch this for several days now but to no avail (Yes, I have been following the guide correctly).

    The first time I tried patching, the xdelta said that the patch was successful, but when I tried opening the rom in both No$ and Desmume, in No$ it would freeze right away or say 'Rom Image Has Crashed'. In Desmume, it would load the white Pokemon Company screen and then right before the intro video is about to start, it would crash and shut down. No$ wouldn't stay open long enough for me to enter any fix codes and for some reason won't let me open without loading a file first (is this normal? I usually use Desmume so I'm not sure).

    The second time, I got a brand new clean rom and tried patching it again. Xdelta comes up with 'Checksum Mismatch' and an error code, 'Patch successful' but the rom just black screens in both emulators.

    So now I'm gonna try again with a third new clean rom but I have the feeling the same problem is gonna happen. I've tried patching on my desktop PC and my laptop, both running XP. I've played roms before with no problems so I have no idea what's going on here

    Sorry for the essay lol. Can anyone point out to me what I am doing wrong?

    Actually, don't worry, I've managed to get the rom working now, I'm guessing the roms I had before were just bad. This one works fine now, but if I open it up in Zoomer, the colours are really awful, rainbows stripes etc. Any way to fix that?
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