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Originally Posted by Master Terrador View Post
Devihell is found in a cave at Twilight Path, next to High Point Town, then go to Krystal Mountain to find Angeallen, then Breeze Island to find Breatherna, and finally Mt. Leon for Rayquaza (Must be done last). Then head for the tower of fate.
It's ashame that the Breatherna event forces you to choose between Breatherna and Deazone. Who did you choose? I picked Breatherna just because of the massive HP amount. xD I duplicated my save though so I could also pick Deazone... I did that, now I just gotta find a way to trade it into my main save.

I also found a way to get a lot of Rare Candies...

In that building on Sparkle Path with the whole arrow maze game, go in and play the game ($500). Just keep walking forward until you hit the item which is a Rare Candy. Do this until you are out of money. Then sell the Rare Candies which are worth more than $500/each. Then go back and get a lot more than you got the first time. =P