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Pokémon Ice Age and Desert Age
Pokémon Ice Age and Desert Age covers the region of Lavscota (subject to change). Its name is sort of like a combination of LAY – va (some made up sound) and part of Scotland. The Lavscota (Lave – Scot – a) Region is separated in 2 mini-regions. They are the Western Peninsula and Eastern Land. The WP (an abbreviation of Western Peninsula) is to the east of Unova.

Western Peninsula
This is where you start your journey. It is mostly developed, slight every here and there, a new thing being added to make it better. It has 20 towns/cities/ports/colleges. There are 12 gyms. Here they are in order of when you go to them…

1) Rasslet Town – Starter town. Home of you and Leona.
2) Tyrod Town – A small town. Home of the twins Riley and Carter.
3) Gatesburg – A town on the beach. The ground type gym is located in the life guard’s hut down on the beach.
4) Brockshore Town – A small fishing town. You can get the Old Fishing Rod here. Home of Markus.
5) Bellfred Town – A small town on the coast. The water type gym is located in the bait shop.
6) Rosegate – A city full of flowers. The grass type gym is located in the botanical gardens outside of the city.
7) Redwood – A town at the edge of the forest.
8) Marksburg – A town on the foot hills of an oddly shaped hills area. The Fighting gym is located in an outdoors area in Sheldon Heights.
9) Grenedelle Town – A town in the middle of the forest.
10) Scared Village – A village that was once burned down. The ghost type gym is in a bunt building.
11) Crywell University – A college that teaches archeology. The normal Type gym is in a class room.
12) Flinter Town – A town of Pandora’s. It’s lighten by paper lanterns at night. The Fire type gym is in the Fireworks factory across the canal.
13) Port Maradelle – A port that brings in most of WP’s supplies. The Dragon and Steel Gym (same gym.) are located at Maradelle Docks.
14) Crestwood – A town only accessible by Bicycle Routes. It’s a popular place for Sunshire Valley’s monthly coordination. An unofficial flying-type gym is located there.
15) Jeffsville – A city were all of the region’s power is created. The Electric type gym is unique to any other. The gym has three leaders. You find them at the dam, wind mills, and nuclear plant. They meet up in a park in the middle of the city and you have a triple battle with them.
16) Cleargate – A village at the bottom of some hills. The gym is located in a manmade cave in Mt. Iceatopes.
17) Deeptrench City – A city that floats close to the deepest part of the bay. It is used to study the Pokémon found there. You get the Super Rod here.
18) Port Freighay – A port on the coast of North Shores.
19) Goodway Town – A port that’s on top of some cliffs. The Dark Type gym is located in a cave in Goodway Cove.
20) Cannara City – An old city nest to the only pass though the mountains. The mixed type gym is located in a bakery.

Latest Map edits include but not last that will be made….
1) Sunshire Valley – A valley that has a non-official flying type gym. Sun based Pokémon can be found here.
2) Hamplite Dam – A hydraulic dam. It creates Sanatell Lake.
3) Relics Road – A road that is right from the ruins of Cramsen and left of Madrics Ruins. (Names of ruins might be kept.) It has a few stone structures, and a few roads that jut off here and there.
4) Playisma Trench – The deepest trench in the world. Many Pokémon live down there.
Here’s a list of special places.

1) ____ Cliffs (Includes House on the Cliffs, and ____ Caves.)
2) ____ Beach
3) ____ Reef
4) ____ Bay
5) McGregory Farm
6) Hut on the Beach
7) Mineth Bridge
8) Mineth Canal
9) ____ Ruins
10) Botanical Gardens (Grass Gym Here)
11) Old School
12) Sheldon Heights (Fighting Type Gym Here)
13) Safari Zone
14) Burned Forest
15) Mealin Mountain (Tuva Caves Here, and Crater Lake)
16) Mt. Stinelle (____ Ruins)
17) Cramsen Ruins
18) Madrics Ruins
19) Relics Road
20) ____ Plains
21) Garthol Bridge
22) Fireworks Factory (Fire Type Gym)
23) Sunshine Valley (Unofficial Flying Gym)
24) Hamplite Dam (Part of Electric gym)
25) Wind and Nuclear Station (Part of Electric Gym)
26) Lake Sanatell
27) Sanatell Lakeside Plaza
28) Old Jeffsville Ruins
29) Billsdale Bridge (Billsdale Village)
30) Mallory Marshes
31) Mt. Iceatopes
32) Playisma Trench
33) Breadfront Jungle
34) Crisnelle Mountain
35) Team Iceaca HQ
36) Burberry Forest
37) Goodway Cove
38) ____ Mountain
39) Old Cannara Ruins
40) Scarlet Palace
41) Scarlet Pass (Pokémon League)

Pokémon Related

Fakémon Development
So far, I am in beginning phases of Fakémon development. I have made a Pokémon for the rodent, the starter’s line (yes only one starter. It makes it harder because the begging of the game is with a lot of Grass, Bug, and Flying type, but worth it because the first two gyms are easily defeated by grass, and there’s a lot of water and ground type Pokémon too.), two bird Pokémon lines (one part Grass type based on the combination of golden rod, and either a Finch, Hawk, or some bird kind of like both, and one part rock based off of Cliff Swallows.), a crab line, a gull (yes, also a bird Pokémon.), a Fish Pokémon (Parrot Fish to be exact.), and another water type Pokémon line.
I also have plans for a Gemini and Aquarius line, a Psychic panda, a fish that evolves into one of three sharks, an eclipse Pokémon line, and three different keys (electric, fighting, poison, along with psychic type). I also know there will be a ground rock of legendary, psychic fire and psychic ice duo, psychic grass all powerful legendary, and the idea of a water, fire, and flying type trio.

Pokédex Development
I have yet to go though real Pokémon, and figure which ones will be in the Pokédex. Since this region is next to Unova, only Pokémon from that region will be accepted. The Pokédex will mostly be in the order that you find them. So Pokémon on Route 1601 will be before Route 1610.

Locations of Certain Types
Most Types have at least one place they are abundant in. Here’s a list of all 17 types, and where the best places to find them are.
Grass – Plains, Botanical Gardens
Water – Reef, Bay, and Trench
Fire – Volcano and Dormant Volcano, Burned Forest
Electric – Around Jeffsville
Ice – Mt. Iceatopes
Dark – Trench and Burned Forest
Ghost – Burned Forest, Scarlet Ruins, Old Jeffsville Ruins
Flying – Mostly Everywhere, lots in Sunshine Valley
Psychic – Not really just in one area, maybe at a ruins
Steel – Mt. Iceatopes, ____ Mountain
Poison – Swam, Burberry Forest
Fighting – At Sheldon Heights
Bug – Forest, around beginning
Rock – Rocky areas
Ground – Rocky areas
Normal – Everywhere , Special at Madrics Ruins
Dragon – Just random places

I have been thinking of having someone adopt (in a way) this project. I can not use RMPX maker, and stink with technology. I would ask though that I would over look the project if it's adopted. I'd also make basic maps, story line, ideas for fakemon you can then interpret the way you think it should be, and make it.

Edits : December 24, 2011 First Version.
January 5, 2012, Second Version Part One.
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