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Originally Posted by metapod23 View Post
I think I finally got it to work! Thanks JPAN! I'll credit you for the code in my hack's thread.

One last thing: Isn't there any way to include the poke ball thrown animation and the dodge animation as well? This does the trick, but shouldn't you be able to load the address that plays those animations as well?
Sorry to revive this thread, but I think that I *may* have "found" something.

I was screwing around one afternoon, and I was looking at the Clock Routine (Special 0x9D in Emerald, I believe), one that has actual pictures and animations and stuff, and I had found the address.

Then I looked at the actual code (in PKSV, because it's not like I was serious), and it was suspiciously short (only about ten or fifteen instructions), and most of them were the branch-with-link instructions or whatever you call them, to some addresses in the ROM straight into the six-digit adresses (around 0x700000) from the five-digits (around 0xB0000) where the specials are. I was also using the actual machine-code-to-assembly .pdf I found on the internets, and so I'm pretty sure it's branch to God knows where.

Just a thought.
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