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Originally Posted by Master Terrador View Post
I chose Deazone, it's Death Rip combined with leveling it all the way up to 100 makes it easy to blow through those lv. 100 in the final battle. I chose Breatherna in a second playthrough using a Toxicstall combo, worked rather well as well if I do say so.
I just successfully figured out how to trade, so I have both now. I must say, Death Rip is a great move, having much better accuracy than moves like Sheer Cold and Fissure. :D I laugh as I go into the training area of before the Master 17 and beat the level 80 Pokemon there with Death Rip while my Deazone is like lv 41. Bahahahahaha!

I am more impressed by ?, however, just because there's no real drawback to it (like low accuracy). Not saying that ? is better than Death Rip, just giving my personal opinion.

Oh, and why is it called "?"? < (that loooks weird with the 2 ?'s)