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    I still may need help with a few ideas to polish the rough edges of the story but i have an idea of how i would like the game to work. What i would need is dedicated and experienced spriters, mappers, tilers, etc, to help me.


    When The digital monster world (Digimon) comes down with an unknown virus that can infect and "kill" digimon, the tamers of the monsters finds a way to make them real, thus, stumbling and intruding on the pokemon world. It it us to the player to choose a side to battle against as there is only room for one specie of monster.


    Tamers replace Team Rocket or standard evil organization.
    New Areas.
    No Gyms, just objectives depending on what side one picks.
    Generation one Digimon.
    Pokemon from Johto, Kanto, and possibly Hoenn.
    Two on Two battles.
    Can learn five moves (possibly)

    Act I/Pokemon side

    One day you wake up and hear something on the news about a new outbreak of strange pokemon that seem to be coming from out of thin air. You head to the professor (who is also your brother) of town X to get better details and he isn't sure where these new 'pokemon' are emerging from. You both journey out to where a rumored source of the outbreak is. You two instantly stumble upon the strange pokemon but unlike common pokemon, this one actually speaks. When your brother/professor gives you a pokemon to battle it, you defeat it and a 'trainer' comes along and yells at you two for hurting its digimon.

    Act I/ Digimon side

    You just awakened in your room after returning from the digital world. Five days has passed since your friend/Tamer has been working to bring the digital monsters to the real world. When you head to his lab, he claims it is a success and gives you a DigiVice (pokeball) that lets you easily tame corrupted (wild) digimon out i the world. He gives you a DigiVice that contains one of the three starter digimon to travel out and to explore the strange world of what people call 'pokemon'

    I know the idea may not be picture perfect but it's there and i think pretty good. if you're serious about helping me, please post below or email em at [email protected]

    Thank you

    This is what i have so far and i would like to greatly expand upon this idea as i think this is a fresh breath for pokemon and digimon.
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