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Originally Posted by Jayster23 View Post
Joining... Loved sonic since Sonic Adventure, the blue blur was and always will be my favourite gaming hero.

Username: Jayster23
Favorite Sonic Character(s): Sonic and Nazo
Password: Emerald

My favourite Sonic games are probably Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.
I prefer SA because you have the overworld where you can just roam around and i really enjoyed that. SA2:B if it had the overworld it'd be the perfect game, the chao garden is absolutely awesome.
Welcome to the club! I really love the hub/adventure field in SA too. Yay for another chao garden fan. :)

Originally Posted by ~Kawaii~ View Post


Are you going to purchase the re-release of Sonic CD?
Yes! I absolutely loved Sonic CD, I'm definitely going to get this, it'll be excellent I'm sure.

I STILL DON'T HAVE SONIC GENERATIONS I'M SUCH A BAD FAN -- But I'm getting it! Like for Christmas, I'll be playing on it so much haha all my people have told me it's amazing so I have high hopes for it!
Did you get Generations for Christmas yet? :O It's great.

Who here ever played 2006?
I did rent it, play it, and beat it without much problem. Tbh, I don't even remember much about it. It erased itself from my memory, good job, LOL.

The 3D Sonic games (Adventure, Heroes, etc.) have always had a bad rep. What is YOUR personal opinion of them?
If I didn't play the Adventure and Heroes games, I wouldn't be into Sonic today. I played the first 3 on the Genesis (but S&K later on the Gamecube) and they were amazing. Then, Sonic faded away for me. I didn't get the Sega Saturn. I didn't play 3D Blast until it was re-released. When I did play 3D Blast, I didn't like isometric viewpoint. I didn't like the gameplay "oh catch the flickies to advance to the next level" just wow.

My parents just happened to have randomly got me SA2:B for Christmas one year. I had to go out and buy SA:DX, Advances, Heroes, Battle, Shadow... The Dreamcast era isn't perfect, but I can say that I spent many hours of my life playing those games. That pretty much indicates that I like a game. I liked replaying Sonic's, Shadow's and Tails's levels in both Adventure 1 and 2. I still play those two games to this day (I don't still play Pokemon Blue, Crystal, etc, for comparison). Heroes was pretty innovative about the 3 team formation; its levels are okay. Sonic Riders was the last Sonic game I bought for a while as I started renting them (i.e. 06, Secret Rings). I still haven't played Black Knight or Unleashed. I'm very happy with purchasing Colors and Generations.

3D is tough for Sonic, and he's ran into many bumps on the road. I do have mostly positive opinions about the 3D era overall, though. Beautiful graphics, amazing sound... Level design is usually great. Impressive cutscenes (and then they skipped eyecandy in Generations D:). I really miss just.. rolling around. :(