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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I can't see hail being used much anymore either. Abomasnow has too many counters and the fact that almost only ice types get a benefit from it, and ice is a horrible defensive typing. It's like why use hail when you can use sandstorm.

Hail needs to boost Ice's defence or special defence by 50% to compete with sandstorm imo.
hi, i know i'm kind of late but if you're playing hail defensively you're doing it wrong. hail should really just be purely offensive teams - and no, it's not that ice-types are the only beneficiaries. everything on an offensive team appreciates leftovers being negated, because as you said (or what i paraphrased from what you said), only ice-types ignore hail damage. hail's also really only good for making blizzard 100% accurate, plus it trolls with all of the other stupid weather teams going around lately (and abomasnow manhandles politoed). yes, it does have the least amount going for it compared to drizzle, drought, and sand stream, but hail definitely is the "dark horse" of weather.