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    Originally Posted by Beegu View Post
    Well, as long as its only small jobs, I'll do some of that! However, I am currently quite busy in creating a black and white style map. I am a bit busy at the moment, but I can do a bit of concept sketches starting in 2012. Merry Christmas!
    Thanks, I really need help with that. It shouldn't be too much, just basically some character concept art, mainly of the main characters such as the protagonists. Just let me know when your open. If you have some work that you have already completed, PM some to me if you want and I'll check it out!

    Originally Posted by Nijiri View Post
    Wow, this looks really unique for a Pokemon Game. First, we have a (mostly) Pokemon as the main protagonist, Second; it's Silph Co. gone bad (or is it mostly industrialization gone bad?), and Third; the graphics look really decent. I look forward to move progress in the game - keep up the good work.

    Oh, correct me if the three views I gave you seem wrong - that's just how I see it.
    Thanks! I want to make this very original, mainly to tell a story, as of now I don't think I'll add online "Wi-Fi" battling between players, but I want to add postgame stuff, like sidequests. I'm not too worried about the graphics either, mainly because I can't script too well, but I will try to make graphics look great after I complete the game.

    I just updated with some in-game pictures from the start of the game.

    EDIT 12/26/11

    Just updated with a gift. Under MISC. Downloads are a few of the attack animations I am remaking to be compatible with RMXP. GIVE CREDIT IF USED.