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    Gladius Clipeum

    He was no still no match for the Sentinel, and Gladius knew that. Gladius gave it his all, while Berserker was barely trying. The Aggron is stronger, and he knew it well. He was grinning all the time the two clashed, murmuring words and such. Gladius tried budging him down from his position, but he had not moved an inch. Gladius willed Vigil to act. Vigil took Berserker with surprise. From the boosts of several Swords Dances, Vigil executed a very good Night Slash which surprsingly brought the Aggron down. He fell, face-first to the dirt. The Ancients circled in closer.

    "Now's our only chance, Sword and Shield! Let's make a whole and get out of here!" Vigil dashed through the thick wall of Ancients, using Iron Head as his ticket out the circle. He went on first, assuming that this is the only chance they had to escape. Even though Gladius still wanted to smack Berserker down to the ground more, he need to escape since he is getting fatigued from the long fight, and he know he will not survive if he tried to take the Sentinel on his own. Gladius ran off, sending another Earthquake, which he hoped was the last, disabling more Ancients. The more he take down during his escape, the less he is going to fight in the next battle. He Smacked Down all Ancients that he could grab, and finally he burst out the circle with several Ancients hot on his trail. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the General Hazone fire at a Sentinel, the Mienshao more commonly called Scar. Scar fell, which gave Hazone and the others precious moments to escape. This is Gold tribe's golden moment. Several remaining members trying to escape the clutches of the Silver Tribe. Gladius turned and tried running backwards. He summoned another wave of water towards the oncoming ancients which put more distance between the two. They are finally escaping.

    Gladius ran quicker, towards a new beginning.

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