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Originally Posted by Pink Typholsion View Post
How do I put the scripts in A-Map? I press on the character and it just freezes my game. :I
Did you compile to the wrong offset? That could be a problem.

For me, the first time I scripted I didn't compile correctly, and a garbled text box appeared. So double check whatever you did.

Originally Posted by Roboto-kun View Post
So today, I tried starting PKSV up. Then this error pops up: "Could not lo ad Scintilla.dll! Make sure you extracted PKSV-UI correctly!".

I am aware someone already posted this question, but the solution didn't seem to work for me. It used to work before, but it won't work today. Strange. So I deleted it and re-downloaded and re-extracted it, but when I opened it, it still does the same thing! I don't know what to do now... I'm supposed to release the beta version of my game one month from now, but it seems it would be delayed.
Try running the AssociateShell (or whatever) file, and if all else fails, just download it again, I guess.

And wow, good luck to you, and I hope you finish your hack! Two gyms is a very long process for me...*sad*
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