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    I'm not trying to be rude, I'm see on what other people think. I do like the Unova Pokemon, but some don't even look like Pokemon. Klink and it's evos are indeed one, they are gears and other fused ones, it reminds me of Magnemite, except that they look like more like the steel cyborg pokemon. Gothita and it's evos are indeed one as well. Weird goth pokemon, but Reuniclus and it's evolutionary line is more Pokemon like and that they are stronger and better. And I do find Vanillite and it's evos cute and fun to use, but they are 2 ice cream scoops with a icey ice cream cone that came to life. So what do you think of which of the Unova Pokemon don't even look like a regular Pokemon? Share me your opinions. I don't hate the Pokemon, I'm just saying.
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