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    Dear Mum,
    It doesn't seem like I'm already at Pinwheel Forest so soon after receiving my first Pokemon yesterday from Professor Juniper. You remember that little Snivy I chose? It's now a Servine! We get on so well as well, I really think he's starting to like me

    I caught a Patrat as well soon after leaving home, he's very useful but we just don't seem to get on, it's quite upsetting but I'm going to try harder so we can be friends. But that isn't the best news, I went to the Pokecenter and a man was waiting for me, he said he had a special gift for me a strange Pokemon called Victini, I looked at my Pokedex and it's number 000 for some reason, the entry also says that Victini has a lot of energy stored inside, but it doesn't listen to me at the moment, I think when I have more badges it might do and so I have already started, I won my first badge against Chilli, he tried to use a Fire Type Pansear against my Snivy, fortunately a kind lady gave me a Panpour to have the type advantage, Panpour did well and the victory gave us a special relationship, but I don't know if he really wants to keep on battling, he never really seems up for it, I may let him rest for a bit soon, when I find a good enough Pokemon to take his place, they have big boots to fill though.

    I met Professor Juniper's friend Fennel and helped her to pick up some Dream Smoke from the Pokemon Musharna, she said she could use the smoke to send Pokemon to the 'Dream World' and synchronise the Pokemon's dreams to our world! It seems really complex and confusing but I let Victini nod off to the Dream World, when I woke it up it had made friends with some strange Pokemon and brought them back, there was a Croagunk, Mamoswine and a Lickitung, the Pokedex can't find anything on them but I contacted Professor Juniper and she said they may be Pokemon from other parts of the world, it's weird to think there are other types of Pokemon out there in different parts of the world and for Victini to know they existed.

    I need to go now having defeated Lenora with a Throh as some strange hippie guys talking about Pokemon Freedom have stolen a skull from the Museum and I've been asked to help get it back. I'll show you photo's of my Pokemon Friends so far. Hope to send another letter soon.

    Love James.

    Servine lvl 22

    Blitzle (Japanese) lvl 18

    Croagunk lvl 14

    Patrat lvl 16

    Panpour lvl 16

    Pidove lvl 20