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    Everyone can agree that OU is the most popular tier in the metagame, and with that, UU and maybe Ubers are second-most popular. NU is kind of down the latter, but in all honesty, none of these tiers are as closer to the bottom of the barrel as Little Cup.

    To start off, I actually don't think LC should be treated as just a side-tier. Little Cup really is a metagame of its own. It has its own stat calculation, set of viable vs. ****** pokemon, and standards as far as viable items, clauses, and moves. In spite of this, it doesn't seem that even smogon gives a crap. (those tiers just make me groan).

    To the point, this thread is to discuss people's opinions about Little Cup, what they like and what they think is wrong with it. The latter is probably important because I would love to know why this tier is unpopular? I personally love playing it from time to time, and it offers a fresh experience from the other tiers.