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    Dear Mum,

    I send you this last message for the night from a hotel in Castelia City, it's nice to have a comfy bed again after sleeping in a tent in Pinwheel forest, in Winter! But then I managed to get back that skull I was on about last time, so the Nacrene City Museum is back to normal, with a bit of help from me

    My Pokemon are doing brilliantly, Croagunk has really proven himself, I still don't know where in the world he came from but I don't care, he is a great addition to the team and is getting on really well with the others. I think I will spend a lot of tomorrow working with the guys and building them up, I have to be careful with Blitzle though, I traded him on the GTS and rumour has it if he goes beyond level 30 at the moment he won't listen to me, I'm going to have to prove I am worthy though and get more badges.

    I'll try and keep you updated tomorrow, but I will see what happens. For the moment here is where the guys are at now.
    Love James.

    Servine lvl 22

    Blitzle (Japanese) lvl 20

    Croagunk lvl 20

    Patrat lvl 16

    Panpour lvl 16

    Pidove lvl 20


    Hey Mum,
    thought I'd patch todays adventures onto the last set of adventures

    Anyway, we had a lazy day in Castelia City, took in some of the sights and tried to get one of the famous Castelia Cones, but being Winter, they don't sell them . After our lazy time we got ready to battle the Gym Leader, Burgh, but he had to help someone who had, had their Pokemon stolen from them! Turns out it was Team Plasma who had stolen Bianca's Pokemon! I'm sure you already know by now, but Bianca is alright now and we got back her Pokemon, a little girl, Iris? Helped her out and she is back and better than ever, I still beat her in a Pokemon battle but she had a lot more up her sleeves this time.

    Once we had helped Bianca out I went to battle Burgh and beat him! Soon after we left for Route 4 and into Nimbasa City, as soon as we got in we found some Team Plasma goons trying to steal Pokemon from the Daycare Man, I helped him out and he gave me a new bicycle! We then headed out to Lostlorn Forest to train up a bit and Pidove evolved into a Tranquil .

    Unfortunately Panpour hasn't been able to keep up with the training so he is now resting in the PC, if you need a water assistant at home, I'm sure he would be happy to go home and help you out, thus I have had to get another member to our team, luckily I was given a fossil near Route 4 and travelled to Nacrene City to revive it and got a Tirtouga, he's settled in nicely and I think will do well, anyway I'm hitting the hay, speak to you later.

    Love James xx

    The Current Team:

    Servine lvl 27

    Blitzle (Japanese) lvl 25

    Croagunk lvl 25

    Patrat lvl 18

    Tirtouga lvl 25

    (Recently Evolved) Tranquill lvl 25