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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post
So, what exactly are Pokemon supposed to look like?
Originally Posted by Para-Dox View Post
What does a Pokemon exactly look like?
I think we can all see here that this is a flawed question. On the flip side, I do see what you are trying to say. The designs of the 5th Gen Pokémon are considerably different from past generations, there's no getting away from that.

HOWEVER - look at it from the developer's point of view. Both Generation III and IV were essentially re-hashes of the more popular Gen I and II eras and they were just inventing more of the same. As a result the series' original creative flare was lost and it became bland; if we had to rank the Generations on an exciting/boring scale I think on balance Gen IV was the worst (or at least the most dull).

This was being reflected in sales and general interest. Pokémon needed to re-invent itself so it didn't go the way of other things from it's era. Seriously, what else do you remember from the late 90's that still as contemporary? Pokémon would just have become yet another bland marketing ploy like Moshi Monsters or Furbies; it wouldn't have stuck on this long.

What do I think of the move? I think it's fantastic. More creativity is what drives everything forwards and makes things better. They still haven't captured me quite as much as Gen I and II, but I already prefer it over Gen IV (though Gen III I quite like).

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