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Forest Near Torturehouse

Zane ran through and past the Ancients, en route to the forest. Gladius was a bit behind him. He could still hear him shooting Earthquakes through the ground at incoming or following Ancients. Zane tried to maintain a constant top speed, despite having numerous injuries and fatigue. Soon, the two made it to the edge of the forest, Ancients still in pursuit, but thanks to delaying tactics from Gladius, there was some breathing room.

On the edge of the forest, Zane spotted three other Pokemon. He recognized them from the torturehouse entrance as Alpha Alliance soldiers. Obviously, they wouldn't know where to go. There's no telling how long they were in the torturehouse. Zane looked over to where Penance, Calamity, and the prisoners were standing. He made a motion with his arm, one arm bent at the elbow and sticking into the air, the other one placed on top of the forearm of the one sticking up. Many others wouldn't know what that meant, but to any Gold Tribe member, it would be the sign of "regroup at home base". Usually, this would mean Gold City. But ever since it's fall, Liberty Town has acted as 'home base'. Zane was sure they would get the message. In this way, the group near the torturehouse could stay together, and Zane and Gladius could look after those three. Zane spoke now to the three soldiers.

"Follow us! We're getting you to safety!" He said, as the three of them broke into a run behind them.

"Um...where to, if I may ask, sire?" Asked one of the soldiers.

"Liberty Town." Zane replied, as he ran through the forest, Gladius close by.

"What, exactly, is that, noble Gold Tribe?" He said, still a bit confused. He had probably been in the cell too long to know what it was. Liberty Town, after all, was established after the conquest of the Silver Tribe, and Zane doubts anyone heard much about what is going on in the outside from inside the torturehouse. Zane replied with one word.



Torturehouse Entrance

Hazone noticed three soldiers now teleport to the forest edge. The Gallade was moving them, but it might not be fast enough. Scar could recover any second now, and then they'd be in big trouble.

"Teleport us to those soldiers right now!" He heard the Golduck Gold Tribe member say. Hazone then spotted something near the three soldiers. It was a Bisharp and a Snorlax. Hazone spoke.

"Wait! Look!" He said. The Bisharp began motioning something with his arms. Hazone did not understand. "He's doing something with his arms...signaling perhaps? I don't understand it..."

Just then, Scar was back on his feet.

"Ugh...a valiant move, General, but not good enough I'm afra-" The Sentinel's speech was interrupted as a hit from a Future Sight attack him directly, once again sending him flying. Hazone found a tad bit of humor in it, but kept it to himself. Precious moments were once again bought with the second surprise attack. Ignitus was nowhere to be seen, whether incapacitated, hiding, or lurking. General Hazone turned to the Gallade as Ancients slowly began to move on their position.

"I know this will be difficult for you, but you must try. Can you teleport us all to some part of the forest, any part? This should throw the Ancients off, and then we can make our way to some hideout or base or something. I know I ask a lot, but you must try, noble Gold Tribe. We have no time!"

It would be difficult, to teleport the Dragonite Hazone, as well as the Golduck, Absol, Ditto, Breloom, and about 15 other Alpha Alliance prisoners. But if they didn't try now, they wouldn't get another shot. Hazone saw Scar begin to slowly stir. He would be up again soon. It was now or never.

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