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    Gladius Clipeum

    Gladius caught up with Vigil. He had managed to put a great distance between them and the horde of Ancient. He knew somewhere in the middle of that horde is Berserker. Angry. Gladius willed Vigil to go fatser. He feared Berserker might catch up But, heavens. Vigil casted a look aside, and saw three Alpha Alliance members. They looked really confused. Vigil then made a signal. It means to regroup at the home base. Gladius assumed it is the Liberty Town. He nodded to himself, and hoped the others would also understand.

    "Follow us! We're getting you to safety!" Vigil said. He broke off into a run. Gladius followed closely behind. He could sense the army of Ancients closing in the distance between them. One soldier asked where they are headed. Vigil answered "Liberty Town," and yet the soldier still looked confused. So this one is of the first capture. That is a pretty long time.

    "Home," Vigil simply answered. Gladius smiled at the thought of that. He risked to look back to check whether Penance and Calamity are able to follow, but only saw the Ancients. And right he was, Berserker is there. His steel armor chipped off where the Wild Charge hit it.

    "Vigil! I cannot see Penance and the others! But Berserker is still here!" Gladius shouted. He stopped for a moment, and sent another Earthquake towards the Silver Tribe. "Taste this!" Gladius ran off again. He dared to never look back again.

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