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    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    Read the rules thread. I will not repeat this.

    I added a relaxed upper limit of 800px wide for any images due to the increasing prevalence of widescreen monitors; if yours is bigger and you do not enclose your image in spoiler tags, you will be infracted. The 640x480 limit has been in the rules for over a year. Even then, use your judgment; make it smaller than 640px if at all possible. Either shrink your image down to 640x480 or put it in spoilers. This isn't rocket science.
    Might I add that it would be a good idea to update the title of the thread so that people will know to look in the first post to see the rules update. If they are like me; they read the first post and look for rules but only do that when they first start to post in the thread. Now that your 'announcement' is on another page, people are not going to see it. With no noticeable clue to direct people to the first thread, no one is going to visit the first page and read the rule update. People are going to get pissed (I would) when they start getting infractions when there was an update to the rules and no one told them. You seriously can't expect everyone to read every page every time they visit they thread.

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