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    Originally Posted by Togetic997 View Post
    If someone could tell me how to take and upload screenshots from an emulator, I'll start doing that in my updates.
    Just press the Print Screen button (it may be written as prt sc. or something similar). Then open up something like MS Paint, and paste the picture in (using prt sc is the same as copying it) and then cut out the extra stuff on the outside. Or, just put it into fullscreen mode and then use prt sc, then you don't need to cut anything out.

    I wasn't going to update due to it being very small, but since I'm posting anyway I may as well.

    Ultimate Solo Challenge Update #13 with Weedle

    -I FINALLY beat the Kimono Girls, that was just ridiculous.
    -Went to the Whirl Islands, and killed Lugia.
    -Went through Victory Road. I had forgotten how easy it was in Gen 2.
    -Now I'm right at the Elite 4. I'm having troubles with the first guy since he's the Psychic guy, so he's supereffective against me. This still wouldn't be much of a problem, but his first guy is Xatu so I'm not supereffective against him.
    -Weedle is now level 76.