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Originally Posted by kutnkill View Post
I don't get it. Whats all these 2 letters stand for? I never checked:D
LC = Little Cup

Originally Posted by .Gamer View Post
LC is entirely different than every other tier. It plays different and the EVs are spread out differently. You can't use the same "oh 180 evs in defense, and 60 in attack and the rest in speed" forumula like you can in OU et al. You have to distribute EVs based on the number that the base stat ends in, which is rather complicated at the beginning if you aren't sure what you're doing.

LC is also much more fast paced and certain items are less useful which can drive some players away. Leftovers is an item you will almost never ever see in LC same with items like Choice Band or Specs. Speed is the most important stat and offensive power comes second. Oran Berries and Life Orbs and Choice Scarves are the most common items seen with probably Evolite Stones (or whatever it's called) fourth.

As Anti mentioned as well, the playerbase is minuscule at best. Only about a handful of good players really take LC seriously (it was all I played when B/W first came out on PO) and the rest of the people play it for fun and don't really give a damn about it. Little Cup also has a reputation as being a tier for people who can't play OU, so being good at LC almost comes with a negative connotation. It's got the potential to grow into a big metagame, but there are a lot of driving factors that keep many players at bay.
Pretty much true, though I can't figure out why these factors would drive anyone away. During the first time I attempted to play LC, I was confused too, but during the time I first started playing Pokemon Competitively in general, I was a bit confused of the mechanics as well. I don't think playing LC is harder, it's just different, which is why I can't really understand why it's underplayed.

Originally Posted by Anti View Post
Actually, I think that it's just what others have said: they're at level 5, and it's a much different dynamic than learning how to play the same game but with different Pokemon.

Also, it just kind of *feels* like a gimmick. Having level 5, unevolved Pokemon is kind of like fighting only with your left ring finger. It just seems like a very odd limit that serves no real purpose other than to have a new tier. I know this doesn't actually affect the fun or playability of the games in LC, but I guess what comes to mind is "why not play NU?" Arbitrarily limiting Pokemon doesn't appeal to me.

Lastly, I think the fact that its player base is pretty low already contributes to the fact that it's pretty much on the backburner. Naturally, you want to play where others are playing because you'll have more--and probably better--competition. In other words, it's the same reason that good athletes in the U.S. play basketball and football, not *insert obscure sport* yeah.
I think the level 5 limit is due to tradition. Little Cup truly began in Gen 2, with Pokemon Stadium 2. Level 5 was the starting level for all newly hatched base stage Pokemon prior to Gen 4, so the metagame we have today is largely based on that, even utilizing the same rules as with that side-game (banning of sonic boom and dragon rage, etc.). I guess keeping the level limit to 100 as with standard tiers isn't a bad idea, but I personally like the challenge of working with low HP, and it creates a faster-paced game.

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
I guess LC is too much of a hard tier to play with. I mean, look at OU with its Ferrothorn and Infernape and all that Pokemon. Players sometimes are enticed to play with those kind of Pokemon rather than their pre-evos. (except for Eviolite Chansey, who is better played with than Blissey). And EV training without going up the level barrier is too hard. You will be running around killing Bidoofs and such.
I can see how the level limit makes things harder. You pretty much either need to hack or to use a ton of exp share to get your babies below the limit but still trained. I think it would be easy if there was a Gen 2 version of LC, since it would mostly rely on IVs, breeding moves and TMs, but I don't think GSC Little Cup exists yet (I would LOVE to play that).

Another thing, it's a common misconception to think that a top tier Pokemon's prevo is just as good as itself. It's kind of the reason why I laugh at starter teams, because its kind of a sign of noobness. ;P

I'd say that some of the top threats of today's LC are: