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    OK, the first thing is the fact that the towns/cities/villages/ports are now finalized! There will be 20 (I think) in all. Of these, there are 12 gyms. I will list the order, what they specialize in, where they are, and if it's decided, the Leaders name. Heres how they go...

    1st - Ground - Sand Badge - Gatesburg
    2nd - Water - Rod Badge - Bellfred - Fisher
    3rd - Grass - Rose Badge - Rosegate - Lilly
    4th - Fighting - Marksburg -
    5th - Ghost - Scared Village
    6th - Normal - Bland Badge - Crywell University - Bladen
    7th - Fire - Firework Badge - Flinter Town
    8th - Dragon/Steel - Iro and ?
    9th - Electric - Station Badge - No Named Town
    10th - Ice - Crystal Badge - Cleargate
    11th - Dark - Pirate Badge - Goodway Town
    12th - Mixed - Muffin Badge - Cannara City

    The names have also been finalized (Mostly just 2 new towns). Sadly, the special areas have not been done yet. I have an idea of where everything will be, but names I don'r really have. I need to name....

    3 ruins
    + a few more things.

    Also, anyone out there that can do a decent Black and White Region Map? I have the basic lay out, I just can't do the map.

    Fakemon Development
    I have a basic idea of some Fakemon for the start of the game. Also where certain types will be in the Western Peninsula (WP). There's places for Dark, Ghost, Ice, Fire, Grass, Ground, Rock, Poison, Fighting, and Water. Normal and Flying will of course be a more just plain everywhere. Psychic, Steel, and Dragon types I don't have an area yet.
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