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    Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
    I thought I would contribute something to help this guide since it looks good & will hopefully improve the quality of projects.

    Which game-creation software is right for you?

    This is, obviously, an important question to consider. To answer it, you must think about what kind of project or game you are going to create.

    I'm going to talk about the two most frequently used programs RMXP & Game Maker; ofcourse, there are many other programs available -- many of which are more advanced -- and so if you are an 'advanced' programmer then you will know which of these alternate programs you prefer and won't be reading this section.

    RMXP is the most frequently used progam here for game development as it allows for straight-forward creation of pokemon fan games due to the existence of so-called 'starter kits' (such as the ever popular, Essentials). These kits contain all the coding (and most of the resources) required to make a pokemon game. However, RMXP has its limitations and if you wish to do something which steps greatly away from normality, then it isn't as easily flexible.

    Game Maker is a lesser-used tool, but it does allow greater flexibility and allows you to produce a variety of different game genres with relative ease. However, (at the moment) there are no 'starter kits' available and, as coding pokemon games from scratch, requires a certain level of programming skill, I recommend complete beginners to stick to RMXP for pokemon fan games. If you do wish to make other types of games (platform, adventure, 3D etc) then Game Maker would probably be the better option as various 'examples' exist to help you.

    TL;DR: If you're making a pokemon fan game you should probably stick to RMXP unless you are an experienced coder. If you're making other kinds of games, then Game Maker is probably the tool for you.
    I like this but i only have one problem with it. Game Maker should not be the engine/software of choice for 3D while it can accomplish it its not very easy or is it very elegant because GM was not made for 3d type games.
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